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Welcome to the group where we will share tips and techniques about sketchnoting, graphic recording and visual thinking in Barcelona.

And we will learn in the only possible way: learning by doing!!
Come with your markers, pens and paper (or you can buy here) and the facilitators will help you to improve your sketchnotes and visualisation skills.

SKETCHNOTING is visual note-taking. You don´t need to be good sketcher, because it is about capturing and sharing ideas - and not about art.

GRAPHIC RECORDING is also visual note-taking but at the same time sharing those notes with the group and using the created visual map to work with the group on the presented topics.

VISUAL THINKING is the general idea of visualizing while thinking: learning, problem solving, planning, negotiating, communicating, imagining, or coming up with ideas.

>>>>>The facilitators speak Spanish and English<<<<<<

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