Lo que hacemos

This group was created by Ahamproject.com for those who want to connect with inner self, nature & animals.

What is the Aham project? The word „Aham“ in Sanskrit means "I". Aham is also a transcendental mantra of the heart – force and power of consciousness. The mirror image of Aham is „Maha“ – the mantra that is identical to the process of spiritual evolution.

Aham project is here to help you to reconnect with your inner self, with the essence of life which represents our trueselves. We could simply say to "help you remember", as it´s something we all know deep inside, but our busy lives have caused us to forget.

Reminding oneself of it will lead to a conscious connection between humans, animals & nature, and recognition that in fact, we are all one. Aham project provides you with different programs, retreats, workshops and sessions that guide into developing our empathy, intuition and sense of connection.

Aham project cooperates with individuals from different fields. So if you are a teacher, human or animal :-) interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us.