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Second November Freestyle (Confirmed). Bar Las Vegas, Sitges. 4 euros
Freestyle partner dancing event with beginners/intermediates instruction. Really easy to learn. Probably the easiest partner dance around. Very easy feet moves. MEN, this is probably the easiest dance you could learn. Therefore its the easiest way to impress the girls or impress at the next wedding reception. Come along and give it a try. People with two left feet? - its no excuse, we have a range of two left feet moves to show you!! Everyone welcome. We need MEN to come along to dance the girls. It is a partner dance but you do not need a partner in order to come. We rotate couples and we have a pit stop to deal with any number mismatches. Dont worry, if you find yourself in the pitstop its only for a couple of minutes. The music for this dance ranges from the 50's to modern day. Anything with a clear 8 beats is perfect, even really fast 8 beats can be easily danced at half speed and still works well. Modern Jive is so easy and versatile. Bar Las Vegas is a great venue, located in Sin street, Sitges. The bar will expect to sell drinks which helps us keep the costs down. Cocktails 6€. Glass Wine 3€, Refresco 2€ or 2,50€, Water 2€. Prices aprox.

Las Vegas

Carrer Primer de Maig, 16-18 · Sitges

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    Freestyle Modern Jive dancing with a beginners class included to get you going.

    Modern Jive is similar to Ceroc (the franchised versión of this dance) and is based on having fun and is based on influences from Jive, Swing, Rock and Roll and more.

    This translates into many of the upper body moves are seen in all these dances and also Salsa, however there are no strict feet movements to learn. The feet moves are very intuitive, more to do with you simply keeping balance or getting around the dance floor or your partner. Sometimes the exact feet moves are required in order to form a move, however it is very intuitive.

    This creates a dance that everyone can learn quickly and advance quickly.

    It is a partner dance and if you dont have a parner no problem, we have a pit stop. Both men and women can all come along, people find a partner to start off the class, we show the very basics of a move and then swap partners.

    If there is an excess of either men or women than we create the men or women pit stop. You are not there long. A couple of minutes and we rotate partners by however many there are in the pit stop. You are back with a partner as other people go to the pit stop. The great thing about the pit stop it whilst having a breather you can concentrate on the moves everyone esle is doing so that by the time you are back with a partner your head is clearer about the move

    So, everyone gets to learn to do the dance, everyone gets to dance with everyone.

    After the class we put the music on non-stop and you dance the rest of the time of the event.

    Freestyles with a class can last 2 hours. If there is a second class followed by more freestyle then the event can be 3 or more hours.

    What type of music can you dance Modern Jive to? The list is endless, its anything with a regular 8 beats (if it goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, then its good) It can even be danced to some Salsa, Swing music, etc. due to its origins. Most modern pop and dance music works.
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