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Mod - Any suggested gigs add here!
Hello! So if youre interested or know of any good upcoming gigs you think people might be interested in add them here please! Im usually up for any decent live music so always happy to know of any :-)

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    Move on up! Join up to this group dedicated to Mod music, Soul, Classic Rock, great live music and all related matters.

    If youre an expat missing being able to see bands galore in the UK or a local looking to keep in touch with top bands coming to Barclelona step up n dive in!

    By the way check out some of those Northern Soul tunes...Top Top notch and theyll brighten up yer day :-)

    CALLING all Mods n Rockers n Music n fun lovers!!! Ay Aye!!

    Northern Soul tunes... (


    Some Mod influenced tunes...