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The rapid advancement and ubiquitous penetration of mobile network, web based information creation and sharing, and software defined networking technology have been enabling sensing, predicting and controlling of physical world with information technology. Every business process can become empowered, and therefore, various industries have started to redesign their business models and processes using the Internet of Things (IoT).

Pervasive connectivity, smart devices and demand for data testify to an IoT that will continue to grow in the future. Computing power keeps dropping in price while new sensors become more and more incorporated into everyday objects, and as people buy into IoT technology, economies of scale lend themselves to the creation of ever more data-centric businesses. Instrumenting and connecting devices has massive potential to deliver value, but we need a coordinated effort when rolling out the next generation of paradigms within IoT. With the strong support from the Reply group we therefore want to provide a gathering place for visionary IoT enthusiasts.

Sponsered and hosted by Concept Reply GmbH

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Beer, Brotzeit and IoT @ Concept Reply

Luise-Ullrich-Straße 14

WE HAVE A BRAND NEW VENUE! Please come on over and take a look :) Agenda: 19:00: Just enough time to grab a beer and snack 19:15: Alyosh "Alex" Agarwal (Senior Consultant for Big Data Analytics, AI, ML currently working at Mercedes-Benz/Daimler) - IoT within Recommendation Engines in the Automobile Industry 19:45: YOUR NAME HERE 20:15: Networking/Banter Under construction. If you want to talk about anything at all please get in touch.

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