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Wednesday's Multilingual Exchange
Please note that most participants are not members of, so don't be discouraged with the numbers of RSVPs. We usually are about +70 participants each event. Check out the photos from our past events | Mira las fotos de nuestros eventos anteriores. ( : : : : Who we are : : : : : We´re a group of around 70 people from a variety of different countries that meet once a week to chat, meet new people, and practice speaking another language. We have little flag stickers from over 150 countries / regions. The first flag is your native language and goes at the top. The rest follow in order or ability. It's open to all nationalities and languages and you can talk about anything you like. You don´t have to be an advanced speaker, or even speak a second language - its for all levels! : : : : : The Bar : : : : : We meet at the enter of the bar . Reception is around 8:45pm. When you arrive just look for the table with the flags and tell us what languages you speak, we'll get you started. If you're really shy, send us a message first. Good luck, looking forward to meeting you! ------------------------------------------------------------------ : : : : Quienes somos : : : : : Nosotros somos un grupo de 70 personas de diferentes países que nos reunimos una vez por semana para charlar, conocer nuevas personas y practicar otros idiomas. Tenemos pequeñas banderas autoadhesivas de más de 150 países/territorios. La primer bandera representa tu idioma nativo y se coloca por encima. El resto de las banderas se colocan en orden de habilidad y fluidez. Es un evento abierto a todas las nacionalidades e idiomas y tu puedes conversar de lo que quieras. No tienes que ser un poliglota avanzado para venir, ni siquiera hablar un segundo idioma, habrá gente que quiera practicar el tuyo. Es para todos los niveles. : : : : : El Bar : : : : : Nos encontramos en la entrada del bar junto a una mesa con todas las banderas autoadhesivas. La recepción comienza a las 8:45 pm. Cuando llegues, búscanos junto a la mesa de las pequeñas banderas y cuéntanos que idiomas hablas. Nosotros te explicaremos el resto. Si eres tímido puedes mandarnos un mensaje con anticipación. Mucha suerte y te esperamos conocer pronto!

Inusual Project

Carrer de la Paloma 5 · Barcelona

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Mundo Lingo is a sociable and completely free new way to practice another language in Barcelona and make local friends as much locals as tourists. We organize two events every week:

• Every Wednesday at 9pm in Inusual Project (Carrer de la Paloma 5 - El Raval)

• Every Friday at 9pm in Delabuela (Carrer Comte Borrell 8. St. Antoni)

Mundo Lingo es una nueva manera, libre y gratuita, para practicar idiomas en Barcelona y hacer amigos locales e internacionales. Organizamos dos eventos cada semana:

• Cada Miercoles a las 9pm en Inusual Project (Carrer de la Paloma 5 - El Raval)

• Cada Viernes a las 21:00 en Delabuela (Carrer Comte Borrell 8. St. Antoni)

How does it work? Every participant is given a selection of flag-stickers to stick on their chest. These flags represent your languages and go in order of ability from native at the top to weakest at the bottom - Easy!

We give you one piece of advice: "Stay standing and only sit down for a private conversation".
Why? Because if you stand it's easier for people to catch your eye and come and talk to you, and visa versa. It allows people to move and flow from group to group in a way you just can't achieve sitting down.

Who are we? We are people of all nationalities and ages. People from all kinds of amazing backgrounds speaking all sorts of different languages from beginner to advanced. There are no limits and nobody is exempt. We get together for a good night, practice languages, make friends and have a nice time. In any one event you might hear people having conversations in over a dozen different languages!

How many people go? - Currently in Barcelona around 80 people per event.
Most of our participants are not members of MeetUp so don't be put off by low numbers here, we're a well established event.

You can visit our website which has information on all of our cities and events: The bottom line:
It’s for all levels and nationalities and its completely free. Come check us out!


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