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Torus Therapy, LLC

333,00 US$

Do you find yourself in life constantly trying to understand why things are the way they are?
Why do you feel what you feel?
Why do things show up different then what your intentions are?
Why am I never “at the right place at the right time”?

Join our Power of Discernment Intensive to learn HOW TO:
• NOT feel affected by others
• Trust and know that everything what you choose to do and to say is best for you
• How to have inner strength and confidence in making decisions no matter the circumstances
• How to be honest and transparent with saying Yes or No
• How to develop wisdom and be of good judgement without judging
• How to be aware of yourself and connect to your Highest Self
• How to be in touch with the Source

The Human mind has a very distinct propensity to create an illusion and then act based upon it. This illusion, raised into the rank of paradigm, programs the subconscious mind and prevents us from fulfilling our life’s mission, pushes us off the path, exhausts and depletes our vital resources.

The Ayurvedic name for this confusion of the Mind that prevents us from being our true selves is samskara. Let's learn together how it works and how it affects our life and the nature of our mind from the Ayurvedic standpoint.

We will share some practical Ayurvedic healing techniques to assist the Mind in releasing the tension and cutting through the illusion, getting in touch with its higher expression and filling the life with bliss and meaning.

You will also learn how food affects our ability to DISCERN and what foods can augment this ability.

You will get:
• Practical knowledge for the lifetime
• Easy tips for daily practice


YANA GERMAN, Pattern Shifter, Transformational Coach, Walk Whisperer, Body Language Expert.
KARIM RA, aka Doctor Nature, Vibrational Ayurveda Practitioner, co-founder of Purple Sprout.
IRINA RA, Body & Mind Yoga Instructor, Plant-Based Chef, co-founder of Purple Sprout.

Partake of:
• Energizing cleansing juice in the morning
• Organic vegan lunch to purify your body and the mind

What to bring:
• Warm comfortable clothing (layer up) to be comfortable and open, suitable for healing movement
• Warm socks or slippers
• Open heart and mind
Investment in YOU:

In-Person $333
Online $100

Select any of the following methods of payment:
1. PayPal to yanagerman1111@gmail.com
2. Zelle to 312-525-0555 (Yana German)
3. Zelle to info@purplesprout.com

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