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Clases regulares de yoga dinámico y vigorizante, a base de donación, en el corazón de Raval, Yoga Lab. Todos bienvenidos, pagas lo que quieras! Great evening class, open to all Yoga lovers! It is a donation-based practice open to all! Come! ------------------- Synergy Vinyasa Yoga classes are dynamic and energising, giving space to your creativity with fluid sequences that will connect you with your centre. Inspired by the deep wisdom of traditional yoga but adjusting it for the modern Western body, each practice is an opportunity to explore our potential in a gentle way. We offer variations for all levels so that you can take your practice as far as you want. (Castellano) Las clases de Synergy Vinyasa Yoga son dinámicas y energéticas, dando espacio a la creatividad con secuencias fluídas que te conectarán con tu centro. Nos inspiramos en la sabiduría de las asanas tradicionales ajustándolas al cuerpo occidental moderno. Cada práctica es una oportunidad para explorar nuestro potencial desde la suavidad. Ofresco variaciones para todos los niveles para que lleves tu práctica hasta donde quieras. 🌟😊🙏

Yoga Lab · Ateneu del Raval

C/ Reina Amàlia 3, 08001 · Barcelona

Lo que hacemos

A group of committed yoga teachers, therapists, artists, musicians, dancers and actors willing to offer service to create a community of wellness.

The vision of NowHere Yoga is inspired by the freedom of expression found in Temporary Autonomous Zones like the Burning Man and Nowhere festivals, by the return to engage with the natural world, of moving outside the comfortable concrete cocoons we have developed around us, and by the teachings of Yoga carried across thousands of years and countless generations, coming now into a new era of global awareness. Each person's practice and expression of yoga is necessarily personal and unique, while at the same time embodying the same underlying truths.

We aim to bring the understanding of this balance into what are now some of the most potent spaces for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation we have available in modern times: the evolving field of transformational festivals. Coming from backgrounds in the arts, in music, dance, fine art, theatre and bodywork, we seek to channel the multiplicity of creative juices flowing through us towards a common understanding of wellness in body, breath and awareness.

NowHere Yoga is a project to bring together powerfully transformative movement and meditation practices and present them in an accessible way. The NowHere Yoga is an open and radically-inclusive project, led by joyful and curious people willing to bring the practice of yoga beyond the mat and into festivals, nature and LIFE. Welcome to your Here & Now! C.M.M.G

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