Lo que hacemos

Eileen and Patricia are two ordinary people on an extraordinary journey. The road they are
taking together is both challenging and rewarding, leading to inner
peace and enlightenment
The assignment we are undertaking together is towards peace and enlightenment, it is a journey that we wish to share with anyone who is interested in walking their spiritual path and discovering their true-self.

We will share our acquired knowledge, tools and skills which have enabled us to stay on this pathway and enhanced our life long travels.

We are Mediums, working with Spirit, enhancing the personal involvement for those participating.

The course will be delivered in English and in its conception, it has been designed as taster sessions of two hours with costs being greatly reduced during the introductory phase.

The aim of the first session is to:
 Provide you with skills/tools to improve and increase your level of self-belief

 Recognise the core beliefs that serve you and those that need to be released

 Understand you have an unique spiritual path & your involvement in that journey

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