Building modern data pipelines on Google Cloud Platform with Scala: live coding


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Google for Startups Campus

Calle Moreno Nieto, 2 · Madrid

Cómo encontrarnos

Estaremos en el auditorio del campus, en la puerta en frente del 'Spaces'

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Stream analytics has emerged as a simpler, faster alternative to batch ETL for getting maximum value from user-interaction events and application and machine logs.

Ingesting, processing, and analyzing these data streams quickly and efficiently is critical in fraud detection, clickstream analysis, and online recommendations, among many examples. For such use cases, Google Cloud offers an integrated and open stream analytics solution that is easy to adopt, scale, and manage. In this talk we will use Pub/Sub, Dataflow and BigQuery to setup a streaming pipeline from scratch.

To follow the live coding session, come to the meetup with your SBT project created (instructions at You can use any editor or IDE, as long as you use SBT.

If you want to run the pipeline on Google Cloud Platform, create a GMail account (if you don't have one yet), and see (you get 300 USD of free credit if you confirm your credit card in your profile; but don't worry, you will not be charged! -- even if you run out of credit).

Speaker: Israel Herraiz (@herraiz) Strategic Cloud Engineer en Google

Os esperamos en nuestro primer evento del curso!!