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3 km swim. Barceloneta - W Hotel- Barceloneta
Each one swim under their on responsibility . Please don't join this event if you are not confident enough to swim in open water and for at least 2.000 m There isn't lifeguard service on the beach. We Meet in front of Espai de Mar, facilities. At the left side as you see the door. Changing room, lockers & hot shower available For 4,5 € aprox, but if you buy a 10 tickets in advance it cost only 16 €. We can share a bonus if we get in 15 min before, all together. We are going to swim from there to the Hotel Wela and back. Bring buoy if you have and swimming cap to make us visible. Wetsuit is recommended, but you can swim without it if you are one of the tough ones. Some of us we'll go to eat somewhere close after swim. Join us if you feel like coming.

Espai de Mar

Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta, 5. 08003 · Barcelona

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This is a group for anyone interested in swimming in the sea, the whole year round. The idea is that any member of the group can suggest meeting up for a swim at the time or place of their choice or see when others are going. Sea-swimming is very gratifying and it's a lot more fun and safer when done with others.

Don't be afraid to come down and try some day. There is a good mix of ages and abilities in the group. After a few swims you'll see there are few things as invigorating or that will give you a better sense of achievement!