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Instagram: @yogabytheseabarcelona
whatsapp group:
Bookings and info: +34696548107 ( Sandra)

We are gathering every week to practise with the purpose of remembering us the true, bringing clarity, light and stilness to our lives.

The lessons are for all levels, I will give options to beginners to advenced practitoners. The style is a mix of many differents yoga practise that I have learned in my path (mainly vinyasa, hatha and tantra). Every sesion is different and magic, created from the energy of the group. Music always accompanies my guides to elevate our vibration.

We start and finish with meditation to centering and integrate the practise. The movement and the asanas is what you will see from outside in this practise, giving you strong and flexible body but if you are present with your breath and your attention, the gift of this practise will appear inside, you will not see it but feel it.

Some days we have live music, kirtan, astologic explanations of the full and new moon, sharing circle, static dance and yoga with headphone. Also we organize retreats. Let me know and I will keep you posted.

Inversion: ✨👁
Drop in lesson: 10€
Bonus of 10 lessons: 80€ ( 2 months)
unlimited month: 60€
Private lesson: 50€
Special sessions with live music: 15-20€

Looking forward to meeting you on the mat by the sea,
Namasté 🙏

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