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Swift Delhi is meetup group for developers who are working or willing to learn Swift (https://swift.org) - programming language by Apple. The ones who are using swift to develop cloud server applications can join us as well. We would meet once a month (some cool place in Delhi) to learn from various cool swift developers in the form of presentations, live coding, discussions etc. Looking forward to meet you soon!

Swift India Website - https://swiftindia.in

Swift India Slack - https://swiftindia.herokuapp.com


Sessions will start with some teasers for beginners & gradually will dive deep into the ninja level. They will provide enough pointers to the right resources to learn everything about Swift and its latest developments. The expert speakers would share their knowledge to help you with swift hacks and will answer your queries thereafter.

Also if you have a different background its not too late to learn something new. Please come and join us. We will help you to become an awesome app developer & will share the best resources with you!

What is Swift?

Swift is a modern programming language by Apple that is fast, safe and interactive. It is a powerful and intuitive programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS & tvOS. Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive and apps run lightning-fast. Swift is ready for your next project — or addition into your current app — because Swift code works side-by-side with Objective-C. Swift is open source too at - https://github.com/apple/swift .

If you want to be a Swifter then join us!!

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