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Terra-cita en Gracia:
For open-minded and easy going people (18+)

Are you new in town? Are you a local but would you like to make new contacts?
Why always to whilst enjoying a drink in a bar or a disco to meet people?

We are a mixed couple willing to meet and help new arrived Americans in Barcelona and not only.
In fact, our proposal is to connect you with people of all ages , backgrounds and nationalities in an environment of confidence and informality.

We are going to meet in Gracia's rooftop to socialize, experience other cultures and
knowledge, practise languages with native speakers enjoying the weather of Barcelona while talking maybe about finding accommodation, places not to miss, get a job, to learn how to make a real NON-yellow paella and a long etc...

Let's learn, share as you wish and make your Barcelona experience the best it can be and get to know the real one and from the inside.

Are you just landing and your Spanish is still not good?
Do not worry. We were all on that situation before!

We speak English, Spanish, French, Italian some Portuguese and body language if necessary.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future events, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To join this Meetup group, please upload to your profile an actual picture of yourself and a short description with the basic (such as age, where are you from, languages spoken, resident or tourist, etc)

PS- We are not gossiping or selecting.
That information will help up to have a frame of the people in the group to organize better the activities according to your needs.