Lo que hacemos

This is a group for anyone interested in software development and technology in general. Our purpose is to create a thriving developer community in the area of Tarragona and promote a free exchange of information and connect with each other. Members of the community present tips, tricks, new methods, frameworks, tools or anything else interesting to software development. Any feedback and suggestions as well as volunteers to help with the group are welcome. Ping one of the admins to see how you can help. For Presenters: Show us something new in technology, how to solve a hard problem, how to do something more efficiently.

* No product demos.
* No sales pitches of any kind.

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GitHub: https://github.com/tgndevs/meetup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tgndevs

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* Slack: http://slack.tgndevs.com : just introduce your email and you will join our Slack channel.

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