Lo que hacemos

Though sometimes overshadowed by its powerful and famous neighbours, Italy and France, wines from Spain excel in both quality and quantity.

Have you always wanted to know:

how to select the best Spanish wine for your purpose and not to go overboard in price?
is Cava a wannabe champagne or a world unto itself?
what does " Crianza " mean, and all the other words on that label?
what do Tempranillo , Tinta del Pais and Ull de Llebre have in common?
which Spanish wine is the best match for your roast turkey, sushi or BBQ lamb?
what are the great names and the best kept secrets of Spanish "liquid geography"?

To find the answers to the above and many other wine questions, and to taste mouth-watering Spanish wines in a friendly atmosphere, to meet other Spanish wine lovers, you are welcome to join the group!

During our 2-hour wine-tasting sessions we will:

- speak about Spanish wine-growing zones , wine regulations and typical Spanish grape varietals .

- look at each major Spanish wine-making region in detail , focusing on the style and characteristics of its wines

- "demistify" sparkling, fortified and dessert wines of Spain (including the little known ones)

- see what oak does to wine

- try various food and wine pairings

- learn about great names and best kept secrets of Spanish wine-making.

And of course, every time we will taste and enjoy delicious Spanish wines, combine them with food, share our impressions and engage in the fun activities

It is open for everybody of a legal drinking age, interested to learn more about wines of Spain in a company of like-minded wine-lovers!