Modern PostgreSQL High Availability

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Our speaker will be Álvaro Hernández Tortosa from OnGres. He is primary author of ToroDB, has contributed the SCRAM authentication code to the JDBC driver and founded the Spanish PUG.

It’s 3am. Your phone rings. PostgreSQL is down, you need to promote a replica to master. Why the h**l isn’t this automatic?

If you thought of this before, you want automatic High Availability (HA). Don’t miss this talk! We will enter the world of Modern PostgreSQL HA.

Good news, there are several new, “modern” solutions for PostgreSQL HA. However, there are several solutions and it's not easy to pick one. Most require non-trivial setups, and there are many small caveats about HA like how to provide entry points to the application, HA correctness, HA vs. read scaling, external dependencies, interaction with cloud environments, and so forth.

Master PostgreSQL HA and how to deploy it on current times.