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Anatomy of a Growth Hacker:

Charisma - Growth hackers are thinkers, doers, and speakers. We're charismatic and constantly networking with old and new opportunities.

Courage - To always try out new things, to get what we want and what we strive for, to face the steep Stairway to success.

Experiments - Are the basis of Growth. We always experiment with new tools, skillsets, or trends to see what works best.

Limits - Exceed them to find what works and doesn't. We always strive to be the best and, if we fail, that's just another starting point.

Tools - Aren't for fools. They're for smart people, like us, who know what incorporating them is key on the road to growth.

Words - Don't come easy... to everyone. But, growth hackers aren't everyone. We have a way with words.