Lo que hacemos

Wanna learn how to take good photos?!

Then this is the group you are looking for.

This group is for everyone who wants to get started in the world of photography.
You have no idea what the shutter, or the diaphragm, or the ISO is for?

Then you have come to the right group.

My name is Nuno Carvalho and I am a photography teacher. With me you will learn and, above all, you will understand how your camera works and all the things you can do with it.
When I did my photography course I was very disappointed. My teachers were very good photographers but they had no idea how to teach photography in a simple and "uncomplicated" way. I understood that it is possible to be good as a photographer but bad as a teacher of photography. I thought I could do better and I started looking for methods and techniques to teach photography in a simple and intuitive way. And this is how I teach my classes. In a simple, "uncomplicated" and fun way.
I teach classes of:
• Basic photography for beginners.

• Long-exposure photography and light-painting to practice mastery of the shutter speed

• Composition

• Portrait

Join our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FotografiaDEScomplicada/ and you can chat with other people interested in learning more about photography and post your best photos.


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