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UpBurn is a peer-based network for entrepreneurs and company owners who are experiencing symptoms of work-related stress and burnout, for those who acknowledge the risk and would like to avoid it, and for those who have experienced it and would like to help others.

A lot of entrepreneurs and company owners experience massive amounts of stress and suffer burnout - sometimes for years on end, and not seldom with the experience ending with either financial, emotional, or physiological downfall (or the whole shebang).

However, you are not alone in your experience, and you shouldn't have to be.

At UpBurn we study, talk, discuss, empathize and even joke about stress and burnout and what to do about it. We aim to support those experiencing burnout with empathy and emotional support so that they have the best possibility of stepping out of the downward spiral that stress and burnout often leads to.

Join our group today, and we'll notify you when we have our next meeting. Or, if you would like to know more but for now prefer to be anonymous, simply contact me via PM on resix.io, Facebook, or LinkedIn (just search for me by my name).

Thomas Peter Berntsen

NB: We are not professional therapists and this group is not in any way a substitute for treatment from a medical doctor or a trained therapist. If you experience any symptoms of mental discomfort, we advise you to contact a doctor or trained therapist as soon as possible.

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