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We're back at AutoTrader for our 10th full meetup. It's on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018. We're having a BBC UX&D takeover, so expect plenty of hand-drawn sketches and at least one Doctor Who gif in the slides somewhere!


• 18:00: Check-in opens
• 18:30: Food served
• 19:15: Meetup Start
• 19:25: Main Talk - Nick Ritchie
• 19:55: Break
• 20:30: Community Announcements
• 20:45: Talk 2 - Rob Scott
• 21:15: Wrap up
• 21:20: More demos, socialising etc.
• 10:30: End

Talk Details

Nick Ritchie - Senior UX Designer, BBC VR Hub
Embodiment in VR Storytelling

The BBC set up a team known as the VR Hub in 2017 to ensure the organisation had the knowledge to build Virtual Reality experiences when adoption is large enough to warrant larger investment. This team’s work in VR is preceded and complimented by the BBCs R&D team who in recent years have been creating experiences and conducting research into XR. As part of this work the team collaborated with The Universitat de Barcelona on a piece of research called “Being Lenin” - a historical experience to investigate the effect of embodiment in Virtual Reality storytelling. Nick will take us through the experience, as well as explaining the research methodology, and his own journey from 2D UI designer to 6dof thinker. He’ll also present the research findings, giving an insight into whether embodiment actually can make a difference to VR and storytelling.

About Nick

Nick is a Senior User Experience Designer at the BBC, currently working within the VR Hub to make sure user needs are always top of the agenda. Nick has previously worked in various parts of the BBCs online portfolio in particular leading design for the BBC Radio & Music team.

Rob Scott - UX Architect, BBC Education
Cross Reality User Experience

In the not too distant future, UX Practitioners the world over are celebrating! All indications are that designing for 2D screens has reached a digital summit. Every journey, gesture and interaction users could possibly require has already been designed, described and defined. Dark patterns are eradicated. Site navigation affords instant wayfinding. IAs and UX Designers raise a glass to toast their collective awesomeness..."

In September, Rob will be giving a talk at the EuroIA conference, trying to bring a little order to the chaos that exists in the variety of xR interaction patterns. He'll be sharing an early version of the talk at VR Manchester, partially as a practice run, but mostly because he knows the community will give invaluable feedback to refine the content.

Rob will introduce a high-level taxonomy of Cross-Reality UX patterns, along with a framework to help decide which interactions make sense based on the story you’re trying to tell. Hopefully you’ll be empowered to join the fight, and just maybe we’ll start to demystify this new and exciting realm of user experience.

About Rob
Many of you will recognise Rob as one of the VR Manchester organising team. By day, he's a User Experience Architect at the BBC, currently working within BBC Education on products such as BBC Food and BBC Bitesize. He previously worked on the BBC’s ‘Global Experience Language’ (GEL) team, as well as products for internet-enabled big screen devices, including the pre-Rio Olympics refresh of the Red Button+ service.

Bear Saber - If you haven't played the phenomenon yet, come have a go with Piotr from the VR Den.

Infinite Snowboard - Co-organiser Luca Mefisto will be bringing an early version of a snowboarding experience -

Vive Tracker Lightsaber demo - Local gang Nonatomic are bringing a recent experiment:

Vestige - NSC Creative will showcase their 12 minute room-scale documentary. Get in line quick!

BBC World Cup VR - The team will be demoing to gather user feedback live during the Iceland v Croatia game.