Lo que hacemos

Are you ambitious? Do you have goals? Do you have dreams? Do you want to become a leader in your field? Or do you just want to get better results... Join us for a special conference and receive mental tools that will help you navigate your life to obtain the achievements you always dreamt about. You will learn why you get your current results and how to break through the 'glass ceiling' above you. You will get the tools to reach better health, relationships and financial success. You will learn the ways to make money and the reason why most people are still struggling to end the month. You will learn how you, too, can create additional revenue sources. The only one who can prevent you from achieving all that is yourself... If you think "It's too good to be true" Or if you believe it's IMpossible for you... you won't join us, and you'll continue to get your same old results... My name is Jacob Shekel, I'm A Life-Success Coach and the Representative in Spain of Bob Proctor from the movie "The Secret" . And a Specialist in helping people to get over their fears. I'm giving this conference at my house.. So the places are limited. If you want to join, please confirm your arrival.