Lo que hacemos

Dear all!

We are a group that will practice classes of Tai chi, meditation, mindfulness awareness and stretching. Classes will be in English and Spanish...

I have spent over 20 years practicing and teaching Tai chi, mindfulness, breathing techniques for health, meditation, healthy taoist diets based on paleo thinking and how to combine foods, and positive thinking.

I am a licensed acupunturist and Tai chi teacher. I trained for many years at the http://www.yongquan.org martial art school of internal energy.



my teacher showing internal energy power...

I now no longer teach martial arts. I focus on the health benefits... I specialise in treating chronic fatigue and pain. These were two issues I suffered from for many years before discovering these therapies. I have a passion about sharing this.

The aim of this group and the classes, is to form a social network were we can go 1 a month on trekking tours with a break for tai chi and meditation, and also were we can meet up and have events or get together in nature, without the need to go to bars to socialise! Also, members will be welcome to come to my house to watch non-duality speakers and hopefully if we are enough, we can invite some which are my friends to do talks every now and then in Valencia.

Qigong is the core of the health benefits to be received by attending my classes. I also apply Buteyko breathing techniques, active isolated stretching, sprint 8 excercises (for those able) and Shaolin strength techniques. The culmination is a wonderful strategy to get you healthy, fit, and energetic. You can apply this to whatever goal you have. I am very excited about all of this, as using all of these techniques has allowed me to return to play competitive squash, which I had left due to injuries over 20 years ago. I want the same for you, to be able to achieve fitness in whichever way you need.

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Please visit my website http://www.naturalvalencia.com

Hola a tod@s!

Somos un grupo donde vamos a hacer clases de Tai chi, Qigong, meditation mindfulness. Los clases seran en Español y Ingles...

Ua vez al mes, la intencion es ir a unaruta de senderismo, y practicar Tai cghi en una parada...

Tambien vamos a ir a zonas de la naturaleza para hacer clases, y tambien para conocernos y formar un grupo social, no basado solo en ir a los bares!

Llevo mas que 15 años practicando Tai chi, Acupuntura, una dieta saludable y una mentilidad positiva.

Puedes visitar mi pagina http://www.naturalvalencia.com