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Valencia Bitcoin
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Estas charlas gratuitas (en inglés) forman parte del evento que se realiza en Innsomnia los días (11, 12 13 y 14 de Abril) por favor para poder asistir solo tienes que registrarte aquí
Nota: Este calendario puedes estar sujeto a cambios o modificaciones ajenos a nuestra voluntad y que comunicaríamos en cuanto se produzcan, muchas gracias

Jueves 12 de Abril
19:00 - José Lindo Climatecoin Project

The main drive is to democratize the carbon systems as we want to make possible for anyone in the world to be able to do something for the survival of their planet. We allow individuals to compensate their offsets and to invest in carbon credits through our tokens and to the producers to perceive the income directly peer to peer without intermediaries.
Corporations with their carbon offsetting programs can contribute directly to the source so they are able to make their contributions more transparent

20:00 - François Sonnet Solarcoin Project

We will introduce the SolarCoin digital asset as a solution for solar power producers to generate energy and participate in the Energy Transition, explaining the added value for solar power producers using APIs, Script or Manual granting. We will explain the simple registration process using 3 steps and how SolarCoin has incentivized already 6million MWh of solar energy worldwide.