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Estas charlas gratuitas (en inglés) forman parte del evento que se realiza en Innsomnia los días (11, 12 13 y 14 de Abril) por favor para poder asistir solo tienes que registrarte aquí
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Viernes 13 Abril
18:00 ERIK VOLLSTÄDT – Jurisdiction-as-a-Service for Peer-to-Peer Governance Services

19:00 - Miguel Prados Consensus protocols
Governance Politics in Blockchain. CouncilCoins

While Blockchain technology (the protocol layer) is in its essence decentralized, the teams that make up these initiatives have many actors with different interests: start-ups that use the technology and want to improve it, companies, institutions, end users, investors, miners, academics, developers, etc., each of these actors has different motivations; financial, cost, research, curiosity, knowledge, utility, etc.. How can governance align these interests? Is there a system of governance possible for all of them or should it be different? Should governance be "sealed" in the code or only dependent on people? what happens when it fails?

We provide an example of proposed governance methodology based on the initiative: CouncilCoin a social complementary cryptocurrency (CCCs) with support from the city council along with a novel mass adoption mechanism of its use consisting of compensation for citizen participation (consultations, solidarity actions, environmental, cultural, etc).

20:00 - Alex Gines
Technology and communication: how new technologies need new ways to communcate.

In this fast-changing world day by day we see how everything is moving forward. What we thought that yesterday was awesome today is old fashioned. And marketing and communication is not an exception.