Lo que hacemos

Interested in art? In love with photography? Looking for a friendly, sociable group?

The group is designed to welcome anyone who wants to get out and explore with their camera, get tips from the professionals, as well as visit the photography exhibitions and meet the artists. Together with other creative souls and we have created this group as a social opportunity to bring together people who prefer to be in the company of those who share an interest in photography and enjoy exploring different aspects of Padova and Venice areas.

The events will be of two kinds. The first time will focus on going to the guided photography shows while having an informal talk with the exhibiting artists or the gallery curators. The second type will be designed to guide members to the most photogenic locations, carefully planned for the best light while helping them in visualizing a scene before capturing the decisive moment.

It is a lot about exploration, inspiration, and mutual help in demystifying our cameras and becoming better photographers, artists, art interpreters, as well as experts in discovering Veneto architecture and history together. If it sounds like something that would be interesting to you we then hope to see you among us the next time we meet.

We will keep you posted!



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