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Speak confidently. 6-week course by Toastmasters. 99euros
Curso Intensivo de Oratoria. Aprenderás herramientas poderosas para una comunicación efectiva y hacer tus discursos memorables. Es en Casellaño pero la material esta en Ingles. Son volunterios de Toastmasters que dan estas clases por los 6 semanas. It is a mini course in what Toastmasters offers to it´s members in[masked] clubs aroudn the world. You learn how to give feedback, how to speak with confidence and you practice, practice and practice in a supportive environment.

Lluïsos de Gràcia

Plaça del Nord 7-10 · Barcelona

99,00 €

Lo que hacemos

Brought to you by Provokarte BCN - Bringing the Arts to Business to Provoke Change and Growth.

Meet up to practice communication skills in English with trainers who have years of experience in Business skills training. Share your personal experiences and practice your communication skills in a relaxed, creative atmosphere with other professionals. We use role plays, discussions, presentations, authentic reading activities, multi-media and gaming.

We cover topics like:

Working across cultures
1 Overcoming cultural barriers
2 Communicating across cultures
3 Working styles in Japan

Doing business in foreign markets
4 Doing business in China
5 Keeping employees happy in India
6 The importance of understanding the local culture

International mergers
7 Why international mergers often fail
8 Making an international merger work
9 Rescuing a merger that’s going wrong

Living and working in a foreign country
10 International assignments
11 Expatriate families
12 Bringing up children abroad

Working in international teams
13 Working in virtual teams
14 A mixed cultural workforce
15 Working in international project groups

Training and development
16 Getting an international outlook
17 Improving the skills of international leaders
18 Hiring university graduates from China