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• What we'll do English and Italian Training Lessons TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: - Training style: 1. Functional training 2. HIIT 3. Body-weight exercises - Main benefits: 1. Toning your body 2. Improving sports performances 3. Improving resistance and strength 4. Losing weight Why should you train yourself outside in spring and summer? Who doesn’t need some fresh air after a long day in the office or library? It does wonders for the mind and will make you feel more alive and motivated and fresh oxygen leads to the release of happiness hormones and boosts your immune system. Research shows that exercising outside requires more energy increasing activity level, forcing our bodies to get better workouts and burn added calories and fat. Outdoor elements such as increased temperature, wind and hills provide a natural resistance and make our bodies work harder and burn more calories. Also known as the "sunshine vitamin," Vitamin D offers significant immune-boosting benefits and added protection from osteoporosis, some forms of cancer and heart disease. Training together in a group outside boosts your motivation. It will also let you meet lots of new, likeminded Athletes. So get out there! This class is for everyone from beginners to advanced level. Each exercise can be modified from person to person. • What to bring You need only your Mat and your water. • Important to know

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Parc Ciutadella, Passeig Pujades Entrance · Barcelona

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Pilates, Yoga and fitness classes in the studio Come and enjoy one of our fitness classes taught by internationally qualified instructors. Our team of english girls are trained in dance, pilates, yoga and fitnessl training and we are with you in each step of the class, challenging and helping you. We want you to get the most out of your class weather your goal is to loose weight, have fun, try something new or simply be social.

MOST OF ALL - We want you to have FUN and enjoy exerciseing in the park or our beautiful studio. OUR CLASSES

Pilates mat - A great strengthen and toning class, ideal for people who want to prevent or help recover from an injury as well as those interested in improving posture or simply toning up. A beginners / advanced class, suitable for all levels.

Yoga vinyasa - An energizing class designed to improve flexibility while toning and calming the mind. Our class is mildly cardiovascular and challenging. We work hard but still within everyone’s ability so the class is suitable for beginners and more advanced students.

Fitness classes - A classic fitness class with a twist! We are a social group of women working hard through classic exercises combined with fitness games. Come and try this unique class, you`ll get fit while having fun!

We offer drop in classes in both the park and studio but kindly ask you to book the studio to ensure your place is reserved. You can call us on 644316850 For more information regarding our classes or any other of our services such as massage please go to one of our web sites. or