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New Tuesday Yoga Inspired by Vanda Scaravelli Sitges
• What we'll do I offer a yoga practice where we work from the spine to find freedom, strength and flexibility of movement in the body. I offer a space for a deep listening and honouring of body where the postures are no longer the goal. Instead we are kinder, more patient and the body responds and the postures open to us. All are welcome to these classes, whether you are new to yoga, picking it up again after some time or a practitioner wishing to deepen your practice. So a little about Vanda Scaravelli. Once a classical pianist found yoga when B.K.S Iyengar was introduced to her by the famous violinist Yehudi Menhuin and they struck up and friendship for many years where Vanda worked one to one with Iyengar. She was also a personal friend of J Krishnamurti , an Indian philosopher and many references in her book ‘Awakening the spine’ have echoes of his wisdom. Vanda discovered a way of practising asanas (yoga postures ) that encouraged the spine to awaken. She found that as one ‘lets go’ into gravity, tension is released from the body and a light and spacious opening and uplift happens. I am deeply inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli and teachers of her work including John Stirk, Diane Long and Liz Warrington. • What to bring Warm comfortable clothes , layers for warmth in relaxation, water and your own mat if you have one and wish to bring • Important to know


Camí de la Fita, 5 · Sitges

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Yoga on the beach this summer is a chance to reconnect with body, mind and soul in nature. Wake up your days this summer with the sun and the tranquil sea waters inviting a flow, ease and natural strength in your practice. These early morning yoga classes are available in the mornings during the week and a Saturday and Sunday class , so plenty to choose from! All levels are invited and beginners welcome too. So come and breath, revitalise, reconnect and relax with the sea and sand. A practice to cultivate strength, freedom and flexibiity of movement and wake up this summer! In English and spanish. Yoga en la playa este verano! una practica para respirar, revitalizar, reconectar y relajar cultivar la fuerza, la libertad y la flexibilidad natural del tu cuerpo y conectar con la armonía interior