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Python immersive course: for business-analytics project [20-hour workshop]
IF YOU ARE HUNGRY FOR DATA, NOW YOU CAN LEARN PYTHON IN 20 HOURS FOR JUST 375€ (VAT included). . (Workshop in English) From November 12th and 16th, from 17h to 21h. ⏩ ⏪ You’ve heard about Data? It’s everywhere – hard to miss really. And if you own a business, or are working at a company that is beginning to talk about the need to analyze better the data they store, then why not jump right into it and learn how to stay on top of the game. Simply put, raw data is of limited value until it is transformed into information that can guide decision making (HBR, 2017). ✅ Need inspiration? It will only take you 30 minutes of browsing to get an idea of how companies innovate their strategy using data. Need somewhere to start? Browse the following: 1) How Netflix was able to invest 85 million euro for two seasons of The Game of Thrones and receive a return of investment in just the first quarter of 2013; 2) How UPS reduced their carbon emission by 100,000 metric tons (equivalent to the emissions of 21,413 passenger vehicles driving for a year); 3) How Patagonia was able to triple their profit since 2008, closing 2015 with $750 million in profits. ✅ What do you get In 20 hours, you can achieve basic understanding of: *Programming in Python (click here if you want to compare it to other languages). *The most common analytics packages: NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Plotly. *How to use Jupyter notebooks to support you through your analysis. This course will give you the opportunity to: *Brush up on statistics. *Work to solve a problem relying on data. *Translate data into information to address your findings and proposed solutions. *Start building your portfolio. *Be part of conversations about the ethical implications of using big data to conduct an analysis. ✅ Who is this for This course is for women and women-identified. Women willing to increase their knowledge in Data Management and Processing and start up a new career in and Business Analytics or Data Science. According to this report made by Infojobs and ESADE, the average salary in Spain for a Business Analyst is at 35,864 euro and[masked] euros for a Data Scientist. ✅ About the instructor This course will be conducted by Violeta Mezeklieva. Violeta has a wide experience in Data Science, Machine Learning and as a Coach. She has a multidisciplinary background from which she is continuously learning and transfering knowledge to the projects she gets involved in. She currently works as a Data Science & Machine Learning mentor coaching individuals to become professionals. Her methodology follows a learn-by-doing approach putting students’ interest as the main driver for their learning process. She is always looking for the best resources and tutorials to incentivize their learning. In her own words: “I learnt how to do this project so I can help you learn how to do it your way”. ✅ Tuition and Dates The price for this course is 375€ (VAT included). This is a 20-hour specialization course. From November 12th and 16th, from 17h to 21h. At MOB I Makers of Barcelona (Bailèn,[masked] Barcelona). Enroll now: ⏩ ⏪

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MOB / Makers of Barcelona

Bailén, 11 bajos 08010 · Barcelona

375,00 €

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Tech is shaping our future and we are ready to take the lead on creating it. It's time to give space for tech designed by all and for all. We don't settle for one-size-fits-all solutions, so we make space for what's non-binary and all it's transformations along the way. We are for every woman - from body, soul or mind. More than doing things alone, we rather build alliances to create new scenarios. Using a common language makes it easier to find solutions together. We believe in plural, collective and diverse communities. Everything is connected. We have a thing for solving problems and we are not afraid to use data for good. We know the impact of bringing new things in the world. We care about the next generations and we want to be protagonists on shaping new possible futures for them. We know the strength of a line of code and the exponential power of an algorithm. We are the space where women and tech go well together and we are ready to bring change. We want experiences that shows us the infinite between 0 and 1. There is a place where your code follow your rules and it becomes your voice to bring social change. We are the 50% who is ready to click with tech. We are allwomen.


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