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allWomen is the first academy of Data Science, UX-UI design and Product Management courses FOR women BY women.

From our campus in Barcelona, we are trying to build up a plural, collective and diverse community with our courses and our periodical events aiming to close the gender gap in tech.

Do you want to boost or shift your tech career? Join our full time and part time courses! 🙌

It's time to give space for tech designed by all and for all. ✊

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Uniting the Universe and Metaverse: Maximizing opportunities in both worlds.

Would you like to conquer new worlds but not sure about how to start?

Do not miss this talk with Ariadna Castellanos, Brand Manager at Holded and Metaverse Expert.

In this session we’ll:

  • Dive into all new technologies at metaverse: Web3, VR, AR, MR and blockchain.
  • Learn about differences from each other and how big Brands and SMB are using them.
  • Case Study: How a software company has created its own metaverse and uses it to generate engaging valuable content to its audience.

allWomen is a global platform to train, transform and empower women in technology. We deliver transformative learning experiences for career shifters and boosters. If you’re interested in starting or boosting your own career in tech, join one of our courses in Data Science, Data Analytics, UX/UI & Product Management. Check out our page and reach out for more information! 💜

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Demo Day: UX/UI Design Demo Day

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