Meetups anteriores

Lo que hacemos

Since 2008 I have been organising monthly dinner soirées for international people in Barcelona to meet and mingle. Mostly the get togethers take place in my loft apartment in downtown Barcelona, a very cool but cosy space with a beautiful terrace which creates an intimate private party atmosphere. The food is plentiful and delicious and the drinks free-flowing! My guests are of many nationalities, expats, visitors and locals alike, all coming together to exchange experiences and enjoy a fun evening!

With the forming of this meetup group I hope to arrange some more varied events in different venues and will encourage suggestions and feedback from members. The plan is to grow and diversify to include cultural events and activities and to provide support for people relocating to Barcelona or visiting for work or tourism, to help them to feel at home and enjoy this beautiful city.

I will always aim to create a stylish and elegant mood whilst keeping it casual and friendly to make everyone feel welcome and at ease amongst new-found friends! But don’t worry, I will continue to host the popular Cosmosoirée “classique” in my home!


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