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Welcome back for another edition of Barcelona Ethereum Developers Meetup! This month we will cover 2 topics (in English): 1. zkSNARK 2. Smart Contract Bug Hunting Format for each topic: 20min talk + 10min for demo and questions. _________ 1. zkSNARK _________ 1.a Talk "Zero-knowledge proofs: why and what should I know about zkSNARK protocol?" - by Marta Bellés Muñoz, Mathematician working with zk-snarks 1.b Demo on "How to use Zokrates" by Adrià Massanet, Blockchain Dev at Iden3 Marta Bellés Muñoz: - Linkedinés-muñoz-4883b7167 - GitHub: - Circuit complier and zksnarks: & Adrià Massanet: - Linkedin _________ 2. Smart Contract Auditing _________ Talk & demo about "Bug Hunting for Fun & Profit: How to Find Critical Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts" Both talk & demo by Nick Munoz-McDonald, Head of Audits at Solidified, who will come to Barcelona to give this presentation. Hopefully this presentation will get a few of you guys excited about Ethereum bug bounties. Too many people think bug bounties are out of their reach, but they're not and the community needs more bug hunters! This will be a mix of technical and non-technical content. Nick Munoz-McDonald: About Solidified: Solidified is the leading security audit platform for Ethereum smart contracts with 200+ auditors. They have secured Gnosis, Polymath, Melonport, Bankera and 60+ other well-known crypto projects. Learn more on _________ Last but not least _________ - Entrance is free. Both talks are given for free. - The target audience is not generalist, it’s for software developers that wants to use/learn about the tech. - Please reach out if you're interested in giving a talk! - Feel free to donate Ethereum/ERC20 tokens to support the event on 0xEDB4E07c5B75a4A6CfA88f064Ed5d8D1EaA81667

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    Welcome to Barcelona Ethereum Dev Meetup,

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