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Leadership development for Business Agility with the #leadershipdancefloor.

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Organizational culture is shaped by it's leaders. That's why a clear vision and leadership development is a crucial factor to drive organizational change. The purpose of this talk is to demostrate a broad understanding of what leadership means to organizational change and how to use leadership to succeed on organizational change initiatives.

As a result of my 10+ years of focused work on organizational change I developed a leadership development framework called "leadership dancefloor" that goes beyond personal growth and connects every aspect involved in organizational leadership. I found it to be a great summary of my experience in the subject and a very helpful guide for my mentees and students to understand their strengths and how to influence organizational change.

In this framework I deconstruct leadership in 4 dimensions:
* Personal Dimension (Be a leader, act as a leader and interact with leaders),
* Collective dimension (culture, structure and processes)
* Complexity thinking (context of business domain in which leadership happens),
* and Organizational change (leading system evolution).

Particularly this talk will be focused on how to use "The Leader's dancefloor" for leaders to nurture Business Agility.

What comes to mind when you hear the word agile? Probably Agile software development methodologies like Scrum will come to mind. But nowadays is not enough to get teams and stakeholders to see the benefits of implementing Agile, we need the final customers to feel those benefits and that's Business agility. Leading for business agility goes beyond implementing Agile practices. It’s about understanding and nurturing the culture, structure and processes needed to grow learning capabilities in organizations and to get the customers feel that change.

We are creating a new generation of organizations that gets its value from their learning capabilities and leadership is the key factor to succeed in this endeavour.
Set the starting point for your leadership development journey today!

The model
The "leader's dancefloor" it's a leadership development framework built upon distinctions from complexity thinking, systemic leadership, behaviour analysis, organizational culture analisys, co-active coaching, ontological coaching among other powerful studies and models.

This Leadership development framework called "Leadership dancefloor" is a model that I developed and use as foundations for my Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) trainings by the Scrum Alliance. It has been presented as Workshop, Talk and Keynote in more than 15 agile conferences in USA, Lithuania, Spain, Ukraine, Peru, Chile, Singapore, UK, Check Republic, Belarus and Turkey.