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We believe in Madrid entrepreneurs.

We believe in inspiring & helping you follow your dreams, and enjoy the path.

The way we help is by:

challenging the way entrepreneur groups are organised,

listening to the community & creating what they ask for,
focusing on bringing you real concrete value.

We just happen to be Madrid largest group dedicated to international entrepreneurs in Madrid, sponsored by Madrid Emprende, the Entrepreneurship Master of the Complutense University and utopic_us, for us the best co-working space in Madrid.

We organize 2 to 4 events every month :

- Monthly Talks

- 1-on-1 consulting sessions

- Closed peer groups

- Power Lunches

- Workshops

And all this is possible thanks to our great team:

- Pierre Waters (http://www.guiripreneur.com/members/12322739/), President

- Tom Leacy (http://www.guiripreneur.com/members/70556752/), VP Finance

- Peter Quinlan (http://www.guiripreneur.com/members/52382952/), VP Operations

- Ed Collins (http://www.guiripreneur.com/members/10916435/), VP Marketing

- Emilio Martinez Moran, VP Guiripreneur in Spanish

If you have any question, just send us an email at question@guiripreneur.com or contact us directy via our meetup profiles !

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