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Málaga's Ruby Meetup has now been rebooted with 2 events in November and December, 2018.
There is a growing community in the friendly WhatsApp Group; Málaga Ruby Amigos.
Why not ask some of those questions you think are silly about Ruby, and Ruby On Rails?
Join and say a quick introduction at: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GgBzCYXHAirGNY5ixg1dGc

We have plans for 2019, and would love for you to be involved.

Whether you're new to development, or an experienced professional in another language, we'd love to see you in our meetups, or collaborating with others in the growing community.

The majority of our talks will be in English. But if you'd like to do a short talk in Spanish, then we'd love to hear from you as well.

Many thanks,
Ian; http://alteris.co.uk
Ruby is undoubtedly one of the most simple and friendly programming languages, accessible to anyone. Beginners and polyglot professionals, tanned in a thousand battles, find in Ruby and its ecosystem a fast environment where any project can be put into practice without too much effort. And all this without sacrificing clarity or quality.

This group aims to expand the technological landscape of Malaga and its province, incorporating Ruby and any other topic related to our day to day as programmers (Rails, JRuby, TDD, BDD, devops ...) to the wide variety of groups and meetups that already exist in the area.

We are here to learn and teach. Everyone is welcome!


Twitter (https://twitter.com/malagarb)

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For February's event Esteban we talk to us about his experiences with Docker and Rails. The talk will be in Spanish and start at 19:20 Following November's reboot, we've averaged 20 people at each meetup in December and January too. Come along and find out what others are working on, ask those silly questions about your own ruby projects, or arrange a session to collaborate with another rubyist. We're a growing community, and are pleased to be collaborating with Andalucía's other ruby groups, for a joint platform to represent us all. Please add your own profile at: https://andalucia.onruby.eu There's room for another talk. If you'd like any help putting one together then please do get in touch. A ruby aspect is nice, but not essential. Other events, jobs, and searching for work announcements are also welcome. We are very happy for Codespace Academy to be sponsoring our venue this month. You can find much more about all their courses on their website: https://www.codespaceacademy.com Muchas gracias and see you on Tuesday, 26th February at 1900! Ian, Nando, Esteban and Lilibet. Please help spread the word across the rest of the #OMGMalaga tech community :)

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