Lo que hacemos

Train to Create is a hub for the spread of ideas, techniques and methodologies among creative enthusiasts and professionals working in today’s creative industries.

Connect with leading practitioners in your city – for bespoke training experiences, networking and collaboration.

We use workshops, seminars, meet-ups and digitally available materials via our buzz community and blog to help you fast-track to what you need to race ahead of the chasing pack. Discover new ways of thinking, seeing and making – with an emphasis on how you can use this in your own practice.
Wherever you’re at in your creative journey, the right input from a trustworthy source can be the difference between endless plodding and limitless possibility.

Train to Create sessions are focused, interactive, fast-paced and fun. Topics and themes are as diverse as today’s creative industries. And because every seminar and workshop is run by professional artists, photographers, directors, animators and studios, what you get is the real deal. Authentic insights. Up-to-the-minute relevance. Industry standard.