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Coworking, conferences, brunch and after-work meetups @ The MUN Hub, in the up-and-coming area of Arganzuela 👩‍💻👨‍🎨 Feel free to join the community via our WhatsApp group and events!


You are already self-employed, enjoying the freedom it gives to you. However, you know it's not an easy path, and it would be great to share conversations with people facing similar hurdles as you do. Taxes, finding new customers, building a portfolio... you can find community and support here!

You may be looking for a co-founder, or you may already have reached the stage where you want to scale your business, but you need a hire you can trust. Well, what about the people you have coffee with every day in the coworking space? Would you also like to share ideas in an informal "show and tell" format? This is your place!

You've got a bunch of knowledge you want to share about a topic you are passionate about. You may also have an audience, but you're looking for a cool spot to host your talk. Or you are actually looking for both the space and the audience. Well, look no further!

Remote Worker?
It's been a long time working from home. Your office is far and you got used to the convenience of removing the long commutes, but you miss the coffee breaks and laid-back lunches. From introverts to extroverts, we are all social beings and still need a certain degree of social interaction. Have you considered joining a nearby coworking space? You'll not only meet other remote workers like you, but you may also come across a freelancer or entrepreneur willing to listen to that "crazy" project you had in mind for a long time but were afraid to share with anyone.

Any of the above plus the Nomadic lifestyle?
You may be then faced with the question "where should I move to?" and your obvious answers are Lisbon, Barcelona, Valencia or Tenerife. Why would you choose Madrid instead? Here are the main reasons:
· Great walkability
· High-speed rail connection to the best cities in Spain
· Excellent public transport: Metro of Madrid is one of the best transit systems in Europe. You can find everything you need (leisure and culture, coworking spaces, affordable housing, and nature) around metro line 3 a.k.a. 20 mins Underground District, our reinvented concept inspired by Arturo Soria's unfinished Lineal City project, and embedded into the Mediterranean and welcoming Madrilenian culture.

Leisure and Culture: the recently renewed, European-style Plaza de España offers a starting point to reach the best areas Madrid has to offer without using a single crosswalk: Templo de Debod, Casa de Campo, Madrid Río, Campo del Moro, Plaza de Oriente, Palacio Real and Sabatini Gardens. From here to Gran Vía, you've got lots of amazing rooftops, ranging from cozy to chic. You can also reach Malasaña through the backstreets of Gran Vía and discover its hidden offer of artistic venues and Madrilenian Scene revolutionary bars from the 80s. A few stations later, after the well-known tourist spot of Sol, Lavapiés offers an underground and multicultural leisure alternative, full of great cuisine, hidden bars, concert venues, and art studios. Going out from 8 pm to 8 am is actually doable: we can connect you with great nightlife organizers!

Coworking Spaces: following the same metro line, the artisan vibe of Arganzuela is becoming a coworking hub for digital professionals. Whatever your craft is, you will find a great place to let your creative juices flow. Matadero, just beside the river, offers cultural expositions and activities. You can move your career into the computing arena thanks to the programming bootcamps available in the area. This is definitely the digital craftship area of Madrid.

Affordable Housing and Nature: there is no need to move to the countryside to find it. Around the southern end of line 3, you can find affordable housing in a town-vibe neighborhood, surrounded by the Manzanares River's unspoiled natural beauty, and the Magic Box sporting facilities (where the Mutua Madrid Open is hosted annually and where you can watch your favorite Spanish tennis player, Rafa Nadal). You can walk to the supermarket, pharmacy, public health center, library, catch the metro, bus or train. Atocha Train station is just 15 mins by bus, so you can easily reach one of the high-speed trains to visit Valencia, Cataluña, Galicia, Andalusia... you can check out the map in the pictures below.‌‌

Ever wondered why this European capital is usually overlooked? it waits for you to explore it.

There are more events in the backlog for you, nomads. Madrid is your new home away from home.

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