🧠 In-Memory Computing Essentials for Software Engineers 🤯+FREE books/food/more

🔥 SQL NYC, The NoSQL & NewSQL Database Big Data Meetup
🔥 SQL NYC, The NoSQL & NewSQL Database Big Data Meetup
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Lair East

424 Broadway #602 · Nueva York, NY

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Lair East is at 424 Broadway, in between Canal St. and Howard St. To enter, look for the elevator doors that opens directly at the sidewalk (there is no lobby or outer doors.) The elevator-door-entrance is next to (left of) the big OMG store.

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Free books+swag, caviar, liquors, cheeses & other eclectic delicacies!

Presented by:
‣ Denis Magda, Chairman, Apache Ignite PMC & Director of Product Management, GridGain

Attendees will be introduced to the fundamental capabilities of in-memory computing platforms that are proven to boost application performance and solve scalability problems by storing and processing massive data sets in RAM and on disk.

The session is tailored for software engineers (with code samples in Java) who thirst for practical experience with in-memory computing technologies. You will be given an overview of in-memory concepts such as caches, databases and data grids combined with a technical deep-dive of the following topics:

• Distributed in-memory cluster deployment strategies
• How data partitioning and replication works in a nutshell
• APIs for data access - key-value, SQL and compute APIs
• Affinity collocation tips and tricks
• Making your cluster durable - persistence and other forms of reliability

Implementation examples presented will utilize Apache Ignite, open-source in-memory computing platform.

••• Denis Magda, Chairman, Apache Ignite PMC & Director of Product Management, GridGain •••

Denis is a fierce open source fanatic who started his journey in Sun Microsystems as a developer advocate and presently settled down at Apache Software Foundation in the roles of Apache Ignite committer and PMC Chair.

He is an expert in distributed systems and platforms who actively contributes to Apache Ignite and helps companies and individuals deploy it for mission-critical applications. You can be sure to come across Denis at conferences, workshop and other events sharing his knowledge about the use cases, best practices, and implementation tips and tricks on how to build efficient applications with in-memory data grids, distributed databases and in-memory computing platforms including Apache Ignite and GridGain.

• Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm
• Power-Networking at 6:35pm
• Presentation starts at 6:40pm

• A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/in-memory-computing

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