UseR! 2020 tutorial: Easy Larger-than-RAM data manipulation with disk.frame


Hey everyone,

As most of you know, UseR! 2020 is happening online this year. Further, this year the conference tutorials will be done in partnership with R-Ladies Global, MiR, and the AfricaR user group.

The AWESOME news is that our group, R-Ladies San Diego, has been chosen to host one of the UseR! tutorials this year! We are really excited to bring this opportunity to our members and to other R enthusiasts from all over the world!

The tutorial we are hosting will be presented by disk.frame creator Zhuo Jia Dai (ZJ). He'll tell us more about "Easy Larger-than-RAM data manipulation with disk.frame".

Here's ZJ's description: In this tutorial, we will present the {disk.frame} ( R package for handling datasets that are too large for RAM but still fits comfortably on your hard drive. We will go through how {disk.frame} works, how to manipulate ten's of gigabytes of data without using all your RAM, and how you can take advantage of the many CPU cores on your computer by parallelizing data manipulation task using {disk.frame}. Also, I will show you how to perform all the standard data manipulations by using just dplyr verbs! After the tutorial, you should be able to confidently tackle dataset up to ten's of gigabytes in size comfortably on your laptop.

I really hope you can all make it to our very first online event. This is such an amazing opportunity for all of us! Hopefully useR! 2020 will allow many that might not have been able to attend such a conference in person to join us in our exploration of the R universe.

We really look forward to (virtually) seeing everyone again soon!

Your R-Ladies SD organizers