Lo que hacemos

techday is the Spanish leading tech event. The 2000+ members of Young Entrepreneurs of Spain are passionate about the work we do.

What is techday Meetup's purpose?

The purpose is to share our knowledge with the rest of the Meetup members

Who should join?

Everyone interested in technology and startups


Join our Meetup group to receive news about the technical talks, workshops, and other events that we host in Barcelona.

Some of the topics and technologies that our team and guest speakers are likely to talk about: UI/UX, digital advertising, cloud, and agile development. We use all of the above and much more to create the best customer experiences for million of users.

Hope to see you in Barcelona. Meantime:

• Visit our event page for more info about techday (http://www.techday.es)

• Follow us on Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Young-Entrepreneurs-Spain-5029761/about)

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techday Meetup

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