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Welcome international and local women of Mallorca!
This is for you if you want

  • to have your vitality and balance back,
  • to enjoy a better mood and more energy
  • to resolve stubborn health symptoms draining your energy.

This is a community focused on the wellbeing of ambitious yet overwhelmed women in different roles: mother, executive, entrepreneur, carer, wife, expat. Which one are you?

I am a wellness-enthusiast and certified Functional Medicine Health Consultant hosting live speaking events so you can get the knowledge, inspiration and empowerment to be vital and vibrant, again! Sounds interesting?

If yes, join us! You can take advantage in person or online. Look out for our virtual happy hours and other get-together events.

Let's connect and get together for affordable activities with the goal to

  • feel well and stay well,
  • build like-minded relationships and
  • live better - physically, mentally and emotionally - in this amazing place!

Community, Connection and Fun are vital to our wellbeing! So, there will be events like ladies night-out, padel games, paddle surfing and so much more, just for our fun! Your feedback is extremely valuable so the activities are catered to you. Tell me here!

This is a unique community and opportunity to live with better health, no matter what!

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