• Building a Headless CMS with WordPress

    11350 N Meridian St

    Learn how to use WordPress to build a headless CMS that can be used to power JavaScript or mobile applications.

  • Enterprise WordPress Development

    First Merchants Bank - Broadripple

    This session is not for the faint of heart. We will be reviewing a true enterprise WordPress development process using Git and Composer to manage the entire WordPress project (core, plugins, custom theme, deployment and rollback). If you work in an enterprise organization and are trying to integrate WordPress, or if you just want to shoot holes in the process being presented, please join us!

  • Social Media Promotion

    Knights of Columbus

    Based on the feedback from the last meeting, there is a lot of interest in learning about how to promote a website via social media.

  • Advanced WordPress Security

    Knights of Columbus

    How do you secure WordPress against common attacks? How do you know when your site is being attacked? We will cover a variety of techniques to help you secure your site and maybe even a few extra bonus tips on site performance.

  • Case Study - Troubleshooting

    Knights of Columbus

  • Getting Started with WordPress

    Steffey Insurance

    WordPress is a powerful content management system and blogging platform, while also a simple entry point for someone just getting started online. I want to invite the group to get together as we explore how to get started with a WordPress site. We will cover the basics like purchasing a domain name, setting up hosting, selecting a theme and basic plugins to get up and running. This is going to be the first part of a series on running a site powered by WordPress!

  • Email Issues, List Building, and Solutions

    Glendale Branch Library

    Come discuss email marketing issues and solutions that might occur with your WordPress site. We will have a short presentation on a new email alternative to the popular Aweber and MailChimp. It's called MadMimi and you can use this link to learn more, get your feet wet, and come with questions: https://madmimi.com/short_ref/SSQ2 How to set up a Drip Campaign: http://help.madmimi.com/how-do-i-set-up-a-drip-campaign/ Autoresponders and more add-ons: https://madmimi.com/features/addon_feature Forms: http://help.madmimi.com/what-are-web-forms/ Time permitting, we will also discuss changes made in April by AOL and Yahoo that may impact you, your clients, Contact Form 7 plugin users, and possibly email recipients. Here's a link on that subject: http://blog.madmimi.com/yahoo-dmarc-changes-email-marketing/ ~ as always, we will take general questions from the floor on any WP issue you might be having *The library is sort of above Staples. Enter the door to the left of Staples. Take elevator upstairs. Come to the back of the library and we are in the room on the right.* Hope you can attend.

  • Talk Amazon Plugins & Amazon Affiliate Strategy

    Glendale Branch Library

    *RSVP if you are interested - once we have 5-6 interested, we will set a date I have 2 plugins we can look at and members can also share what they use to tackle Amazon Affiliate marketing through WordPress. **DATE and LOCATION to be determined - but will be on NE side of Indy**

  • Talk Woocommerce

    Glendale Branch Library

    *RSVP if you are interested - we'll set a date once we have 5-6 people RSVP 'Yes'" Let's talk Woocommerce. Show and tell and/or questions. Custom coding and more...