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Developers interested in joining IBM to learn about big data for social media and log analytics. Get jump started with Hadoop scripting and text analytics and address the full spectrum of Big Data business challenges.

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Pushing the Frontiers of AI and Data Science Workshop

Accelerate your journey with hands-on labs and captivating lectures. Come learn, gain hands-on experience, discover and network with experts. Join us for an insightful and practical hands-on workshop with innovative ML and DL tools. Engage in illuminating series of tech talks on ways you can plan for the transformative power of AI. Whether you are at the inception of your AI journey or building new AI applications, or in-charge of driving the infrastructure strategies and standards upon which the future will reside, this event will be beneficial to you. Discover new ways to up your game, including: • Engage in an in-depth demonstration of AI machine learning tools. Review multiple use cases • Label raw data sets, train, and deploy DL vision models, without coding or deep learning expertise with PowerAI Vision, an enterprise-grade software • Train your own computer vision model based on a video and then, using Python in a Jupyter Notebook, learn to perform analytics • Deploy a model to perform inferencing on an edge device • Employ the techniques of expert data scientist in an easy-to-use app -- H20 Driverless AI • Recognize the value of a solid infrastructure as the foundation of your AI journey Agenda: 8:30am-9:00am Registration and Breakfast 9:00am-5:00pm - Welcome - Art of the Possible with AI (lecture & demo) speaker: Neil Rudnick, Cognitive Computing SME, Fed Mkt - AI Requires an Infrastructure Framework (lecture) speaker: Jan J Yu, MD, PhD, IBM Fed Systems AI/ML Solutions - Train Your Own Computer Vision Model (2.5 hour lab with working lunch) speaker: Neil Rudnick, Cognitive Computing SME, Fed Mkt - AI Prototyping in the Digital Era (lab) speaker: John Pace, PhD, Sr. Data Scientist, Mark III Systems - Getting Infrastructure and Data Ready for AI (lecture) speaker: Frank Lee, PhD, Industry Leader, IBM Systems - H20 Driveless AI (lab) speaker: Steve Nasypany, Client Technical Spec, IBM - Next Steps in Accelerating Your AI Journey (closing) speaker: Marisa de Peralta, Partner Ecosystem, IBM Systems - Session Ends * Check the registration site for the bios of our awesome speakers! www.ibm.biz/PowerAIWorkshopDC Prerequisites for the lab and laptop set-up (bring your own laptop): 1. Installed currently supported browser • Google Chrome Version 60 or later • Firefox Quantum 59.0, or later 2. Installed SSH client • Native ssh on Linux or Mac OS • Windows - PuTTY https://www.putty.org/ 3. Installed Docker CLI Client You can download Docker CE using one of the links below: • Windows 10 http://ibm.biz/Docker_CE_Windows • Mac OS 10.12 or higher http://ibm.biz/Docker_CE_Mac • RHEL/CentOS http://ibm.biz/Docker_CE_CentOS Seats are limited, so register now to reserve your spot @ www.ibm.biz/PowerAIWorkshopDC Simultaneous access to lab equipment is limited to twenty concurrent users, so teaming may be necessary If you have any questions, contact Marisa de Peralta at[masked] or [masked]

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