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Diskuto is Esperanto for 'Talk'

We get together and speak English/ESL, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Arabic and more. This is for people who seriously want to practice. You will meet likeminded souls in a great atmosphere.

If there's language that you want to practice, but you don't see events for it here, then maybe you can help start it with Diskuto! 

Why are we on Meetup?

    To help everyone speak new languages without fear or apprehension.

    To help language lovers meet and learn from each other.

    To recapture some of what has been lost: face to face contact, the possibilities of new encounters, the thrill of speaking unfamiliar tongues with both new friends and strangers.


Diskuto wants to give you a forum to talk in your new language. Or, to talk in an old language you haven’t dusted off in a while. To talk in person.

Locations are chosen to allow maximum language practice in settings that aren't too loud (so, usually not crowded bars).

What to Expect: Diskuto Event Etiquette

For maximum enjoyment, keep these guidelines in mind:

    Introduce yourself. If you are coming for the first time, you will have to say your name! It also helps if you state your level of fluency - beginner, intermediate or advanced/fluent.

    Meet as many people as possible. You learn and practice more effectively when you have many conversation partners. Challenge yourself by moving around.

    Listen! It is the best way to learn. Give everyone a chance to speak. If you find yourself monopolizing the conversation, take a breath and use your ears (well, don't breathe through your ears).

    Respect your surroundings. Diskuto outdoor events are in parks, public paths or spaces: We do our utmost to ensure we leave everything as clean as we found it. Similarly, Diskuto indoor events usually take place in a restaurant or café. Respect the venue and support them by buying food and drink there. Don't bring in outside food or drink.

    Have no fear. You WILL make many silly mistakes when speaking a less familiar language. It's part of the fun.

    RSVP: If you are coming, then RSVP. If you RSVP, then come. It's just polite.

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