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Lo que hacemos

We, the members of the Diversified HealthNuts, who are fruits and nuts and supporters of those who are of the fruity and nutty persuasion, hereby come together in support of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. For us, health is holistic and involves much more than going to the gym five times a week. Being a Diversified HealthNut of Colima is a mindset that involves being on the path to better health. We accept and support everyone, no matter where they are on that path. The only thing a Diversified HealthNut needs is the willingness to learn and apply that knowledge to a life that promises to be full of energy and purpose.

At Diversified HealthNuts of Colima, everyone is a leader and may propose meetings, activities and direction for the group. Our goal is to have two or more events every month (i.e. bicycle rides, healthy cooking classes, hikes, athletic training recommendations and events, nutrition classes, restaurant meet ups and much more). The group is also a resource and central repository for other Diversified groups and an events calendar for activities around Colima , Mexico. Everyone is welcome to post articles related to health, start discussions, ask questions, and suggest speakers, trainers or practitioners for meet ups.

Get involved and help our community thrive!