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Medievil Fantasy Games @ The Fat Lady
Grab your swords, your horses, and your chalice! It is time to quest! Tonight were playing games that are set in a Midievil or Fantasy setting!! I had previously thought that most the games I had that fit this, were long long games. But, after looking through my many piles and closets of games, I found out I actually have many games that can play in about an hour! So finally, were having a themed night for these games!! As usual, bring any games you like. Games that I'll bring are: AVALON----- RED DRAGON INN---- DOMINION----- KING DOMINO----- DRAKON----- SPLENDOR----- ONCE UPON A TIME----- POTION EXPLOSION----- LORD OF THE RINGS- TRIVIAL PURSUIT---- MAGIC: THE GATHERING----- ***This game night begins at 6:30. Games begin promptly at 7pm. To endure you get into the first round of gaming, plz arrive before 7. Cant arrive before 7? No problem!! Just understand you may have to hang out/team up with someone until a new round of gaming begins. ***I'm stoked to try a new venue! The Fat Lady near Jack London has excellent atmosphere, delicious food, and a full bar.

Fat Lady

201 Washington Street · Oakland, CA

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