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Pain Releif and posture Building workshop
This is a 90 minute workshop where we will go over a full body Myofascial release or self massage. Using a variety of massage tools like lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and theracanes. We will work on locations throughout the body that can build up tension and resulting muscle knots from daily activities. These areas can cause pain and limit your joints range of motion which leads to poor posture. After the Myofascial release session (60min) we will do a series of simple but effective postural exercises to rebuild your body. Come discover aches and pains you may have never known you have, and learn how to build your structure!

Prime Personal Training

1762 west 8th ave · Vancouver , bc

25,00 CA$

Lo que hacemos

This group is for people who want to explore the world of Bodyweight Training inspired by Gymnastics to develop and extend their Flexibility, Mobility and Strength.

The group lead is a coach and a former gymnast who will guide you and show you a lot of interesting ways of exercising. Everyone is welcome!


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