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So you've heard about Bitcoin, did a little bit of research, and have decided you're ready to take the plunge and buy some. Now what?! You want to buy a little bit of Bitcoin but don't want to make a noob mistake. You prefer someone to walk you through the process.

Join us at this event to get personal guidance on how to safely and securely purchase your first (fraction of a) Bitcoin.

You will learn:
1) Must know websites for research
2) How to securely store your Bitcoin
3) Popular cryptocurrency exchanges
4) How to send and receive Bitcoin
5) Dos and Don'ts of crypto

Note that we DO NOT offer financial advice and it is your responsibility to do your own research (DYOR!). Your investment decisions are your own and . We simply walk you through the steps of how you actually go about buying bitcoin and avoiding the common mistakes that might end up costing you. Just because one Bitcoin (BTC) sells for thousands of dollars doesn’t mean you have to buy an entire Bitcoin. You can buy just $10 to see how it is done. You’ll get setup with all the important websites and wallets you need to know to keep your cryptocurrency safe!

We'll meet at a coffee shop in Hillcrest with wifi. Bring a smartphone at least, but a laptop is better. You'll need to know your bank account number and routing number in order to link your account to your bitcoin wallet.

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