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Hello JavaScripter!

Welcome to JavaScript.NYC, an initiative to help collate, combine and curate all things JavaScript in New York City. JavaScript has really evolved considerably over the past few years with the advent of node.js, front end frameworks, meteor, CoffeeScript, ES2015 and the like. This meetup will meet on the second Thursday of every month with a hackathon once every 2 months.

If you have something you'd like to present, please do get in touch. In each talk, our goal is to have one main speaker and up to 2 lightning talks. So have at it, let's make JavaScript and New York awsomer!


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March JavaScript NYC Meetup

60 E 42nd St

Hello there JavaScripters! We have a GREAT event planned for March. Our friends at iCapital Network are helping us put together a stellar meetup, complete with food and drinks. Stay tuned for some fantastic talks!

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February JavaScript NYC Meetup (at Grubhub)

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