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Croatian Vegan Dinner
Born and raised in Croatia, Kala's pop up dinner events feature food that is unique, soulful and stylistic. This set menu event is $22 CASH inclusive/diner to be paid to the host upon arrival. All welcome, veg & non! MENU Salads: 1. Hrvatska Mijesana Salata (mixed salad-peppers, tomato,cucumber...) 2. Francuska Salata (Croatian potato salad) Mains: 1. Sarma (stuffed sour cabbage leaves in tomato based sauce) 2. Pastafazol (kidney bean stew with small pasta in it) 3. Musaka (potato & vegan egg casserole) 4. Raznjici (kebabs) Sides: 1. Domaci Kruh (home made bread) 2. Pire Krumpir (mashed potato) 3. Zganci s Vrhnjem (polenta in vegan cream) Desserts: 1. Knedli (plum filled dumplings) 2. Orehnjaca (walnut cake) 3. Kuglice od Ruma (Rum Balls) Drinks: 1. Bijela Kava ("white coffee"-barley, chicory with almond or coconut milk) 2. Malinovec (raspberry juice made from home made syrup) NB. Those not answering the RSVP question will be removed from the event but are welcome to reregister and answer the RSVP question. NB. Those cancelling with less than 24 hours notice will be asked to pay the cost of their meal as this meal is being specially prepared for us--we are not simply ordering off a menu.

Sweetery Cafe

340 West 2nd Avenue · Vancouver, BC

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We're foodies with an environmental conscience & concern for animal welfare.

Meatless Meetup is run by a group of volunteer hosts who believe it to be of critical environmental importance that we drastically reduce our meat and dairy consumption. Meatless isn't just for Monday anymore!

Although food at our events is vegan, we're not a vegan club. Anyone interested in lowering their carbon footprint by eating more plant based meals, even if not planning to ever cut out all meat or animal products, has found the right group. Welcome!

We ask members to use a real first name and face photo so we can recognize each other at events. Fake or silly last names are welcome.

All our events are food events we organize or are organizing a meetup at. Please don't ask us to promote your event as we don't email members about events around town and to decline may cause offence, which is the last thing we want.

Although not affiliated, we encourage anyone who's interested in supporting a charity that promotes the shift towards a plant based diet to check Earthsave out: (

N.B. As your volunteer hosts can be asked to pay for no show diners, we ask that you be willing to pay for your meal at our events if you cancel without adequate notice.